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Accessibility Statement

Because the scientific community cannot remain isolated from the people its research benefits most, it is critical that our work be accessible to academics, policy makers, professionals, and students of all backgrounds. This means creating an instructional environment where people of all walks of life feel welcome and comfortable asking questions, contributing, and learning in the classroom. Additionally, it means providing students who have not had the opportunity to gain a background in statistics, coding, or other necessary technical skills to navigate the social sciences with an opportunity to gain these skills.

I am committed to creating course content that is inclusive in its design by proactively and creatively removing barriers for disabled students, students of color, first generation college students, and other marginalized groups.

Actionable Accessibility

I am the beneficiary of wonderful mentors who exposed me to a variety of tools early in my graduate career. To encourage scholars like my younger self, I have created a YouTube channel with beginner-level guides to programming in ztree and otree. A ztree-unleashed tutorial is coming soon, for those running lab experiments amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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